Motion Analysis Tools (Windows)

Motion Analysis Tools

Motion Analysis Tools is a Windows 95/NT/2000/XP?Vista program for taking measurements from digital video and bitmap images. This software is intended for clinical use; however, it may be useful for anyone in the fields of biomechanics or ergonomics. Here are some of the features:

Motion Analysis Tools Version 2.7 is now available. This is an important update since video loading issues from v2.6 have been resolved. Since v2.7 was recompiled to work with Windows Vista, you may be asked to install new Visual C++ library files during installation. These files are required to run MAT 2.7.

NOTE: A revised version MAT 2.7.3 (December 23, 2008) is available (full install). This should address some issues that have come up with video frame stepping on Windows Vista. Minimal testing has occurred on this version so please .

ANOTHER NOTE: This version of the executible file allows you to open video files by dragging and dropping onto the main MAT window, making it easier to work on a large volume of files. MAT 2.8 (August 26, 2009). Copy this file into the MAT program directory.

Download and extract the zipped files into a new folder and then run the SETUP.EXE program to install Motion Analysis Tools. Your must have Microsoft DirectX9 installed to use MAT v2.7.

For older computers, you can use MAT 1.1a (zip file). After extracting the zipped files into a new directory, run MAT_32.exe to start Motion Analysis Tools. This version may have problems with newer versions of Microsoft DirectX.

Click here to download an AVI video file

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