Rehabilitation Engineering Service

Rehabilitation Engineering is the application of science and technology to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities. Rehabilitation Engineering at The Rehabilitation Centre (TRC) provides clinical services to individuals with physical disabilities. Rehabilitation Engineering also offers technology assessment services and participates in research and development. The Rehabilitation Centre is the only facility in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec that provides this full range of rehabilitation engineering services. A Certificate of Authorization granted by Professional Engineers Ontario allows Rehabilitation Engineering at the Rehabilitation Centre to provide professional engineering services to the public.

Development of Custom Assistive Devices

Rehabilitation Engineering provides professional engineering consultation, design and construction of custom rehabilitation devices. A new custom device can be created or an existing device can be modified to meet the unique needs and abilities of an individual client when no suitable device is available commercially. Often a well-designed change to an existing product can greatly increase a client's level of independence and quality of life.

Rehabilitation Technology Research, Development and Assessment

In addition to the provision of clinical services for individuals with physical disabilities, Rehabilitation Engineering staff are involved in many research and development projects. Partners and clients include TRC clinicians, researchers from TRC's Institute for Rehabilitation Research and Development and The University of Ottawa, and private companies. Research and Development focus areas include new assistive technologies for persons with disabilities, clinical tools to assist clinicians in delivering care, and custom instrumentation for research. Many Research and Development services are available on a fee-for-service basis such as custom design and prototyping.

Rehabilitation technology evaluations are usually performed in conjunction with The Assistive Devices Program (ADP) of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care. Before ADP will include a new product on their list of products eligible for funding assistance, the product undergoes engineering and clinical evaluations at one of two ADP designated test centres (Ottawa and London). Rehabilitation technology evaluations for products not seeking ADP listing are also available.


Clinical Services

Technology Assessment Services

Engineering Support for Research

Commercialization and International Initiatives

Research & Development Activities


TV Remote Control Adapter

Custom Ventilator Trays

Laptop Tray, Case, Mounting and Move-Away Storage System for Scooter

Sliding Foot Plate

Auto-Return Swing-Away Joystick Mount

Retractable Joystick Holder

Swing-Away Foot-Box

Removable Back on Manual Wheelchair


Mouth stick for Disk Loading and Retrieval

Voice Onset Monitor

Laptray Mouth Stick Docking Station

Thumb-Switch for Control of a Power Wheelchair


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