Computer Applications

Digital technlogy can be used to enhance how physical rehabilitation services are provided. Our research and development activities apply computer related technology to rehabilitation to improve access to services, improve outcomes, and increase efficiency. Expertise in software development, hardware development, database management, and clinical evaluation are required to achieve these goals.

For more information on our computer application initiatives and future developments, please contact Edward Lemaire.

Highlighted projects

Wearable Mobility Monitoring for People with Disabilities
Wearable, smartphone applications to provide mobility information that can improve rehabilitation decision-making
Motion Analysis Tools (Windows)
Simple clinical gait analysis software (download shareware version)
Motion Analysis Tools (Shockwave)
A version of Motion Analysis Tools written in Macromedia Shockwave (run from web browser)
Telehealth, Distance Communication and Rehabilitation
Internet-based telehealth applications for rehabilitation outreach services & education
On-line education presentations
Web hosted educational modules on selected topics
Clinical Outcome Variables Scale (COVS)
Quantitative clinical tool for formulating physical rehabilitation treatment goals

Completed projects

Above-knee prosthetic gait simulator
A device that clinicians or students can wear to experience what it is like to use a trans-femoral prosthesis
Software for viewing 2D/3D prosthetic and orthotic CAD/CAM shapes. Includes tools for comparing 3D shapes and reverse-engineering manual prosthetic socket modifications and generating a commercial CAD/CAM template or overlay.
Ottawa Rehab Brim Adapter
An adapter for prosthetic CAD/CAM measurements
Ottawa Rehab Spinal Cast Adapter
An adapter for orthotic CAD/CAM measurement
Quiz Maker
A web application that people can use it to create on-line quiz easily.
Rehabilitation Engineering Database
A Novell network hosted database for documenting and tracking work related to Rehabilitation Engineering Services